Our work with Community and Charity Partners

Community Initiative

Illawarra Prostate Cancer Support Group

The Illawarra Prostate Cancer Support Group was formed in January 2019. The group has been set up to provide support to men diagnosed with prostate cancer, to share common experiences and raise awareness of prostate cancer in a safe and confidential environment. Partners and family members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Charity Partner Initiatives

Movember Foundation

It’s a Blokes Lunch provided financial resources from the 2019 event to support the Movember Foundation’s new online resource Conversations. Movember Conversations is a new online tool designed to give practical guidance on how to talk to the men we care about who might be struggling.In the world of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to stay connected and look out for each other. But it’s not always obvious how to do that. Starting a conversation with a friend, partner or colleague who might be struggling can be hard; we often don’t know where to start or what to say – or we worry we’ll say the wrong thing.That’s where Movember Conversations comes in. A free interactive online tool, Movember Conversations offers practical guidance on how to start a difficult conversation, how to be a good listener and how to create a setting of trust and openness with someone who might be struggling.Based on the ALEC framework (Ask, Listen, Encourage action, Check in) developed by R U OK?, Movember Conversations presents a number of scenarios particularly relevant in today’s world: job loss, social isolation and family pressures. It uses simulated conversations to explore and practise how you might navigate a difficult conversation with someone you care about.

Beyond Blue

It’s a Blokes Lunch provided financial resources from the 2018 event to support the Beyond Blue’s NewAccess Program. NewAccess is a free and confidential service that provides support in the form of a coach. The program includes six free sessions tailored to your individual needs.

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

It’s a Blokes Lunch provided financial resources from the 2017 & 2018 events to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s Specialist Prostate Cancer Nurses program.

Black Dog Institute

It’s a Blokes Lunch provided financial resources from the 2017 event to support the Black Dog Institute Illawarra Suicide Prevention trial initiative.

Top Blokes Foundation

It’s a Blokes Lunch provided financial resources from the 2017 event to support the Top Blokes Foundation’s Mentoring programs.




Men die 6 years earlier

than women in Australia

1 in 2 Men

will experience mental health in their lifetime.

1 in 8 Men

will experience depression in their lifetime.

6 out of 8 

suicides each day in Australia are Men

1 in 5 Men

will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime.

1.7 Million Men

will be living with Prostate Cancer by 2030.



7 in 10 Men

are living with a chronic health condition in Australia


2 in 10 Men

will be diagnosed with testicular cancer before the age of 60

Here’s what some people had to say…

Congratulations on an awesome day! It’s great to see an event like this one put men’s health back on the agenda. Having battled cancer it was great to be apart of an event encourages men to speak about their health and talk to a mate. Looking forward to the next It’s a Blokes Lunch event.


A fantastic event! It was really great to be apart of such a very special afternoon with the focus on men’s health, can’t wait for next year.


What a great event, looking forward to continuing to support this very special initiative.


Congratulations on the It’s a Blokes Lunch event, it was a great arvo out with great messages throughout. Having dealt with mental health in my past it was great to see it discussed so openly in a room full of men.