Note from the Event

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to support the It’s a Blokes Lunch event. In three short years we have hosted a series of wonderful events and provided support towards health services prostate cancer research, specialist prostate cancer nursing care, suicide prevention initiatives, online mental health services, online men’s health resources, men’s mentoring programs and education programs.

The inaugural It’s a Blokes Lunch event was held in Wollongong in 2017. Today our signature lunch is recognised as one of New South Wales’ most impactful men’s health awareness campaign events.

Each year our committee’s objective is to grow awareness of men’s health issues and provide support to health services, programs and initiatives that help blokes within the local community. We aim to educate and encourage men to have regular conversations about their health, give them tools to have conversations with a mate, have regular check ups, and seek professional help for treatment.

As someone with a lived experience with mental illness and having lost mates to suicide and diagnosed with cancer, a discussion with a few local blokes over a cup of coffee turned into a commitment to start the conversation within the community about the hairy issues that impact Australian men and ‘It’s a Blokes Lunch was born. Let’s hope by participating in this event, we can break down the stigma associated with men’s health issues and help blokes within the community.

Thanks for your support,

Joshua Tree, Founder

It’s a Blokes Lunch




Men die 6 years earlier

than women in Australia

1 in 2 Men

will experience mental health in their lifetime.

1 in 8 Men

will experience depression in their lifetime.

6 out of 8 

suicides each day in Australia are Men

1 in 5 Men

will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime.

1.7 Million Men

will be living with Prostate Cancer by 2030.



7 in 10 Men

are living with a chronic health condition in Australia


2 in 10 Men

will be diagnosed with testicular cancer before the age of 60

Here’s what some people had to say…

Congratulations on an awesome day! It’s great to see an event like this one put men’s health back on the agenda. Having battled cancer it was great to be apart of an event encourages men to speak about their health and talk to a mate. Looking forward to the next It’s a Blokes Lunch event.


A fantastic event! It was really great to be apart of such a very special afternoon with the focus on men’s health, can’t wait for next year.


What a great event, looking forward to continuing to support this very special initiative.


Congratulations on the It’s a Blokes Lunch event, it was a great arvo out with great messages throughout. Having dealt with mental health in my past it was great to see it discussed so openly in a room full of men.